Chando | Myst Collection | Sensual Camellia | CMS414SC

Chando | Myst Collection | Sensual Camellia | CMS414SC

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Chando | Diffuser | Myst Collection | Sensual Camellia | CMS414SC

A beautiful home diffuser using designer porous porcelain which compliments the  beautiful scent to diffuse around your home. Accompanied with 200ml bottle of Sensual Camellia fragrance.

CHANDO is a home fragrance brand committed to provide you with a uniquely personalized space, satisfying both your sense of smell and visual sensations.

CHANDO was established in 1977, with 40 years of experience in the porcelain industry and 19 years in the fragrance industry. Having spent many years collaborating with world-class designers and topnotch researchers in both porcelain technology and fragrance formulation, CHANDO is a brand that has both Western and Eastern DNA.

Environmentally friendly - Cold throw only (requires no combustion or source of energy)
Lasting and even diffusion - As there is no heat required, the fragrance oil lasts longer and diffuses more evenly
Visual appeal - Using porcelain as our main source of diffusion, our product design is unlimited

Brand: Chando
Collection Name: Myst
Colour: Rose Gold
Fragrance: Sensual Camellia  – A delicate blush of Camellia, dainty and feminine.
The delicate blush of Camellia enchants the pathway towards the mountain peak. The base notes of Sandalwood enhances the daintiness, creating an adornment of femininity.

Volume: 200ml
Packaging: Chando